uDaven.com Aleinu Niggun Contest


UDaven.com is a collaboration of Jews throughout the world who are looking for ways to help people improve their kavanah in davening.

UDaven.com host events shiurim and contests designed to increase people’s appreciation for davening. Our goal is to improve the general davening experience to allow our prayers to reach the highest heights.

UDaven.com is affiliated with the Illinois Center for Jewish Studies. www.ICJSTorah.com

The Aleinu Niggun Contest

Use Your Talents

Get creative! Your songs can inspire.

Generate excitement

Save the oft-neglected Aleinu prayer!

Win Big

Earn cash prizes worth 100’s of dollars.

How It Works

Your Task

We are offering you the opportunity to provide the Jewish people with a rendition of Aleinu that speaks to and inspires modern ears. You can use any of the popular tunes or create an original composition.  Originality and diversity are greatly encouraged. Musical accompaniment optional. You can record on your high definition video device or on your cell phone. We want your inspiration and creativity!


1st prize: $500 cash

2nd prize: $200 cash

3rd prize: $100 cash

How to Submit

Upload your video to youtube, dailymotion, jewtube, or other video hosting site

Email submissions to udavenaleinu@gmail.com

Contact us to use Dropbox or to mail a flash drive if the file is too big.


Deadline for all submissions is XXX.