The Kohen Gadol’s Ephod (Apron)


One of the garments of the Kohen Gadol (High Priest) was the Ephod (Apron). The threads of the Ephod were formed by twisting together strands of different materials. Six of strands of techeles (blue) wool with one of gold, six of purple wool with one of gold, six of red wool with one of gold and six of linen with one of gold. Then these were all woven together. [Rashi to Shemos 28:6)

A. How many total strands were woven together?

– 28


B. What fraction of garment was gold?

– 4/28 (or 1/7)


C. What fraction of the garment was red wool?

6/28 (or 3/14)


D. What percentage (to the nearest 100th of a %) of the garment was red wood?


E. You have been given the job of the purchasing agent for the Bais HaMikdash. You are ordering 784 amos of strands used to make the Kohen Gadol’s Ephod. How much of each type of strand would you order?

Red wool, Purple wool, blue wool, and linen would be 6/28ths of the total (each) for a total of 168 amos of strands of each type. Gold would be 4/28ths of the total which would be 112 amos of strands.