Sacrificial Sheep


When the Jewish people returned from the war with Midian they were commanded by Hashem to make an accounting of the spoils. (Bamidbar 31:26) They were instructed to divide the spoils with half going to the soldiers and half going to the Jewish people. The soldiers had to give to the Temple 1/500th of what they got. The Jewish people were required to give to the Temple 1/50th of what they got. (Bamidbar 31:26-30)

Between the Jewish people and the soldiers they gave a total of 7,425 sheep to the temple. Based on this information how many sheep were captured from Midian?


x= total number of sheep taken

(1/2 * 1/500 * x) + (1/2 * 1/50 * x) = 7,425

.001x + .01x = 7,425

.011x = 7,425

.011x / .011 = 7,425 / .011

x = 675,000