How long were the Jews in Egypt?


The Jews arrived in Mitzrayim (Egypt) with Yaakov (Jacob) in the year 2238 F.C. (from creation) [Bereishis (Genesis) 46:6]. Yaakov died in the year 2255 F.C. [Bereishis 47:28]. Yaakov’s son who lived the longest was Levi who died in the year 2332 F.C. The slavery began after the death of Levi [Rashi on Shemos (Exodus) 6:16]. The Jews left Mitzrayim in 2448 F.C. [Shemos 12:41].

A. For how long did the Jews live in Mitzrayim?

B. How long were the Jews enslaved in Mitzrayim?

C. How many years did they live in Mitzrayim without being enslaved?


A. 2448 – 2238 – 210 years in Mitzrayim (Egypt) total

B. 2448 – 2332 = 116 years in slavery

C. 210 – 116 = 94 years in Mitzrayim (Egypt) without being enslaved.