Exile in Egypt


Avraham (Abraham) was told that the Jews would be in exile for 400 years. Our sages tell us that the exile was actually only 210 years. Rashi brings a proof to show that it was less than 400 years [Rashi on Shemos 12:40]. He points out that Moshe’s (Moses’) grandfather, Kehos, came down with the original group to Mitzrayim (Egypt) and he lived a total of 133 years [Shemos (Exodus) 6:18, Bereishis (Genesis) 46:11]. Moshe’s father, Amram, lived a total of 137 years [Shemos 6:20]. Moshe left Mitzrayim at the age of 80 [Shemos (Exodus) 7:7]. Kehos had younger siblings who also went to Mitzrayim so Kehos was at least 1 year old when he went to Mitzrayim [Bereishis 46:11]. Amram had younger brothers, so he had to be born at least one year before Kehos died [Shemos 6:18]. Assuming Kehos was 1 year old when he went to Mitzrayim and Amram was born one year before Kehos died and Moshe was born the same year Amram died, what is the longest the Jews could have been in Mitzrayim?

133 – 1 = 132

132 – 1 = 131

131 +137 = 268

268+ 80 = 348 years