Counting the Tribe of Levi

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Hashem commanded Moshe to count the men of the tribe of Levi who were 30 days and older. The tribe was divided into three families. (Bamidbar 3:15 – 39) The totals of each family was given as follows:

Gershon              7,500

Kehos                  8,600

Merari                 6,200

In the Torah it states that the total number of all members of the tribe of Levi counted was 22,000. Rashi points out that the number of 22,000 does not include the first born (while the separate family totals did include first born). Based on this, how many first born of the tribe of Levi were there?

Total without first born – 22,000

Totals of the three families combined – 22,300

Total of first born 22,300 – 22,000 = 300 first born.