Chicago to Manchester

Chicago Skyline at Night

In Nasso (Bamidbar 7:3) we are given the concept of public and private space. Using the opinion of the Chazon Ish and Rav Moshe Feinstein if an area has a density of 8,112 people per square mile then it is a public domain. Therefore it would not be eligible for an eruv. (See the questions on this website “Does the Eruv Go Here)

Here are populations and the total square miles of a few cities. Using the standard above, and assuming an even population density through the city, which of these cites would not be eligible for an eruv.


City Population Squire Miles
Miami 362,470 35.67
Philadelphia 1,517,550 135.09
Chicago 2,695,598 227.13
Boston 645,149 48.43
Tel Aviv (metro area) 1,318,300 585
Greater Manchester 2,553,379 243.4




City Population Squire Miles People per SQ Mile
Miami                362,470              35.67                             10,162 Not Eligible
Philadelphia              1,517,550            135.09                                11,234 Not Eligible
Chicago              2,695,598            227.13                                11,868 Not Eligible
Boston                645,149              48.43                                13,321 Not Eligible
Tel Aviv (metro area)              1,318,300            585.00                                    2,254 Eligible
Greater Manchester             2,553,379            243.40                                10,490 Not Eligible