42 Stops


During the 40 years in the wilderness the Jews stopped in 42 different locations. If the trips had been evenly distributed during the 40 years how many months apart would have been each of the trips? (Round the answer to the nearest month.)


40 years x 12 months = 480 months

480 months / 42 stops – 11.42 months per stop. (round down to 11 months)


Rashi points out that the Jewish people were not constantly on the move during this period because 14 of the stops were during the first year and 8 took place during the last year. How many stops actually took place during the middle 38 years? Assuming the trips during the middle 38 years were evenly distributed years how many months apart were each of the trips? (Rashi on Bamidbar 33:1) Parshat Masei (Round the answer to the nearest month.)


38 years x 12 months = 456 months

456 months / 20 stops = 22.8 months (round up to 23 months)