How to redeem donated real estate.


When a person donates his ancestral land to the Bais Hamikdash he can still buy it back, as long as he pays for it before the Jubilee (Yovel) year.  The price of redeeming ancestral land is fixed by the Torah in Vaykra 27:16.  The fixed price requires paying a certain amount for each year between the year you donated the property and the next Jubilee year.  If you dedicate the land the year after the Yovel then you would have to pay 50 shekels for each Chomer of land in order to redeem the property. (A Chomer is the amount of land where you can grow a certain amount of barley) Each year the amount of the payment decreases an equal amount each year for the 49 years between the Yovel years.

A.  Make a formula to show much you would have to pay to redeem the land using the following variables.

x = Years since the last Yovel
y = How many Chomer of land
P = Total amount you need to pay in order to redeem the property.

P= y[50 – (50/49)(50 – x)]
B.  How much would you have to pay if it has been 17 years since the last Yovel and you dedicated 98 Chomer of land.
x = 17
y = 98
P= 98 [50-(50/49)(50 – 17]
P= 98 [50-(1+ 1/49)(33)]
P= 98 [50-(33 33/49)]
P= 98 [16 + 16/49)]
P= 1568 + 1568/49
P= 1568 + 32
P = 50,176 shekel